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2nd playable alpha build of my Villaganders game!

Need Java 1.7 (1.6 and 1.8 MIGHT work) and search-replace a 280 characters long commandline.
Oh and trust these LWJGL DLLs that I provide, for OpenGL.…
got 22kb of Java source written already. Using the "engine" or my Missilemada2 space RTS. Engine about 110 kB source.

Specification follows:
Chosen google-unique name: Villaganders.

"Banished" clone town-sim. No trade, no river, no metal, no coal.

Slightly random start (6-15 people, 0-5 children, livestock, tool count, outfit count, 60-90 food kg, 1 house)
Plr allocates professions(get wood, get stone, carpenter-toolmaker-repairer, clothesmaker(fiber plants,leather)(backpacks)[outfit repair],
  animaltamer-carer(give grass and tree branches to cows), forage, hunt, farmer(plant fav plants into world), fisher, moralebooster, doctor-herbalist, janitor-cleaner(hygiene,warm_houses_with_wood), child).
{plr can slaughter livestock.}
{Mass operation "all together get new livestock"??(ie. expedition of animalgetting)}
{plr can order "less sleep" so more work gets done, but morale down, more disease, more food usage(or weight down).}
plr order which plants the farmers & foragers plant. (must draw visual list, not in v1.0)
plr orders new building, but doesn't decide location. as there is no pathing. Buildings is cube graphic.
  list of buildings: home(better sleeping), well(health), cemetery, storage?? nah--isintegratedintohouses, carpenter(furni and tool making speed),
    animalshelter, meetinghall(morale, better food efficiency, teamwork skill up), "dirt road" maybe, animal pasture(fencedzone)
    sauna, outhouse.
  how much wood(kg) to make each? and tools wear down while makebuilding/repairbuilding

house count, furniture and tool count, outfits count(morale,freezing->low work efficiency)

ppl dont really move or pathfind, it's distance of resource(tree,plant,hunt) from town. Near town, resources get DEPLETED. Let walk realistic distances to forage and hunt. no plant growth in winter.
village's food and animalfeed is in kg (50kcal/100g in pplfood. 17kcal/100g in cowfood. and each villager an animal has weight that goes up down. Too far from optimalweight=bad).
disease. accidents while work. (java class: ailment, attached to person. alters move speed, work-eff, morale.)
in each person: hunger%, morale % and work-effectiveness % (too young or too old, low % of work. sick, cold, underclothed, undertooled). move speed (can't go to far hunting if cripple)
  teamwork % in each person. Two people of high teamwork in same profession = good. low-teamwork dude hinders, let that one be lone hunter.
  is wearing 0.5 outfits.. 1.5 to 2.5 outfits for COLD WEATHER.
  percentage chance "dies today" that grows with age.
  Name: Aksu Nuuksdottir(mothersname+dottir), Neema Deetson(fathersname+son)
ppl list is always sorted, oldest at top, babies at bottom. Click to assign person to job/jobs. (multiple jobs: do on alternating days!)
what is timetick length? a day.
   I want 15yrs to pass in 30mins, so 1h game is person aging 0to30. 1h is 30*365 ticks = 10950tick -> 3.04 ticks/second! 10sec is month. 120sec=year. 1200sec=10yr.
  4.5 kph ppl speed to determine how far they go from village. 3hr walk, then hunt, then 3hr back. 24x24km area if fit hunter!
24x24 km area with our_village at center.
timetick(=day) updates people(not move), trees-bushes-plants, wildlife_zones(they move), fishing_pool_zones(not move).
difficulty level is pplfood amount around, cowfeed amt (grass), trees/bushes/plants in the world. Coldness of region. If not enough food and outfits, MUCH DISEASE.
if starving, ppl add forager. if VERY starving, high%chance disable their job and switch to forager.
place gets over-foraged if no-one planting the good plants/bushes. Foragers plant a little.
wildlife-zone eats pplfood and cowfood plants! Yay! (fish-zone don't eat)
bad morale + bad teamwork + bad disease = not gonna get married or breed.?
_done_ outside-marriage breeding is allowed. Require similar age and charm/wit/fertility.
__Marriage boost kid-chance threefold.
__low morale causes argument and fight(ailments,outfits,furniture) rand_events, more morale down hehe spiral.
__MobileThing.debugVFXText useful.

plant class: age, weight. includes tree, bush, plant. Can be poisonous. can give pplfood and cowfood or be poisonous. Give clothes fiber. Growth rate (kg/month, IFFF temperature above X). Has make_offspring rate in days. Has kcal/100g (N kg of this plant becomes Q kg of pplfood).
person class: sex, age, weight, max_carry=30%ofweight. foragingskill, hikespeed[cripples no hunt], charm[], wits[], disease%, attached ailments[req more/less food],
  fertility[jumps from 0 to X at age Y],
  teamwork, morale, outfit 0.0-3.0(village outfits div pplcount!), link:marriedto. link:offspring[for morale].
  food need: 1915 to 3000 kcal/day. Everyone works. That translates to 3.8kg to 6.0kg per day [MUCH LETTUCE. food stored as 50kcal-equivalent.]
  infant food: "90 to 120 calories per kilogram of body weight"
  person's max_reach is hikespeed times 3 hours = 3*4.5 km.
village class: the collected resources (wood, stone, pplfood, cowfood, plantfibers, leather, outfits[morale,resistcold], tools[work effi, morale up from zillion tools], furniture[morale])
  , village hygiene[compost,feces,burial], person-list, housecount:7, well:3...,
  houses repaircondition(minty=+morale))
animal class: wildlife, fish, domestic.  Sex, weight, age. How often offspring[rat,bunny,deer,moose. only herbivores!]. Feed requirement[ignore for v1.0] per animal's weight (varies on species).
region class: Each months' temperature average. Tree density, bush density, pplfood plant den, cowfood den, huntzones num&richness, fishzones num(0 to 15)&richness.
zone class: fish pond, huntable wildlife zone (moves away from village, gets depleted, new huntzone wanders in!)
world is: region class + plant list + animal list + huntzones + fishzones + village class + people list + people's ailments.

work effi = person's W-eff(from age and ailments), outfit, tools, outdoor temp[certain jobs], hikespeed[certain jobs], co-worker's teamwork score+myTW,
fertility = x,y,z,n,m
if region temp this month is Z (-20C?), then no planting, no hunting, no foraging... better have stored food! (hunting and fishing limit at X, foraging Y, planting W)

village's wood consumption per month: repairs[3kg per building], cooking[60kg? per person], warmth = total.
"As a general rule-of-thumb I use 1/3 of a cord of hardwoods to heat 500 sq ft for two weeks...4 to 4 1/2 cords total, depending on the year." -> 1.3 cords[1.3*(85to128) cu.ft] of crap wood per month per house.
Stone getting rate per day per stone_getter at 100% effi = x. (for building, for tools.)
Hunter: decide which hunt zone today. Lucky hunter day, at good deer zone, gives: 60-100 kg deermeat = 180-300 kg pplfood. But that is RARE OCCURRENCE. [play melody: lucky hunt]
Fisher: decide which fishing zone today. Lucky fisher day, at good pond, gives: 10-19 kg pplfood.
Forager: 24kg max_carry of a single forager per day? Or two trips. Forager eats as forages, so... takes less(40% less) from village foodpile. yum snails and frogs.
Forager: in a day, remove N plants from world, add M kg pplfood to village.
  if everyone is skilled_forager, must have enough food (depending how badly depleted nearby). Each eats 4-6kg/day, so... 100%effi forager brings 6.4-9.5kg pplfood per day! (gameplay decision)
Main display: food need per day, wood need per day, cowfeed need per day. And current stockpiles of those.
Main display: announce births[X&Y had a baby girl! +morale], reach_working_age[+morale], deaths[cause of death,-morale], marriages[morale,food_use], divorces[notyet,-morale]
Graphics: blink worker's name+age next to huntzone/fishzone/village/(random forage/getwood/getstone distance), for that day. Blink child's name near village, farther as age up.
Can't assign too old or too young to hunt. How to signal "too slow person, can't reach any hunt/fish zone nor foraging". Old do clothes/janitor/carpenter
{Eating order: first children, then old, then prime women, then prime men. Each day. In case run out of food.}
__apply MinimumViableProduct thinking..  no plant/animal/zone/ailment class at start. 2 Professions: forage,getwood. Grow old, make babies. Have GUI.
__assume the people have perfect knowledge of where everything is.
__gameover condition: no forage/farm capable adults left. all died of hunger/cold/disease/age.
__victory condition: ??
2nd playable alpha build of my Villaganders game!

Need Java 1.7 (1.6 and 1.8 MIGHT work) and search-replace a 280 characters long commandline.
Oh and trust these LWJGL DLLs that I provide, for OpenGL.…


Tomi Tapio K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Yeah I'm thomaskorat in Xbox Live.

"The Korat is one of the oldest stable cat breeds. Originating in Thailand, it is named after the Nakhon Ratchasima [Kho + rat] province." --wikipedia

Current Residence: Helsinki, Finland
Favourite genre of music: Rave, Techno, Trance, Celtic
Favourite style of art: Anything high quality with whiskers (or pantsu)
Operating System: Win7, Android
MP3 player of choice: Zen Stone Plus
Favourite cartoon character: Tachikoma!
Personal Quote: Waste not, want not

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